ARPANSA Certified
Australia's Highest Quality Window Films


The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency are responsible for testing the UPF factor rating for any claims made by products that block UV rays.

ALWAYS look for the ARPANSA logo!

If a window film hasn’t been certified by ARPANSA, then how can you be sure that the figures you’re being given for UV Protection are true? And, if you invest in a window film without certification, can you trust that the other claims being made are correct? We think not! We¬†ensure that all of our films are 100% true, which means you can have piece of mind knowing that you’re getting the highest quality window films in Australia.

WHY purchase from Solace?

We¬†ensure that all of our window films across both automotive and home or office have been ARPANSA certified, meaning that you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality of film with true specifications.

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